Come and learn how to perform a Japanese-inspired self-massage facial - lifting and remarkably effective (when done regularly)!

Self-massage workshop
anti-aging facial

The face has 50 muscles.
They are thin and small (unlike those in the rest of the body), and that’s why it’s quite easy to massage them and see and feel the results quickly!

This beauty ritual will bring radiance to your complexion.
It promotes blood circulation, stimulates the lymph network and skin muscles, giving toned skin and relaxed features, naturally.

The procedure, made up of fifteen movements, will reduce the contractions of your epidermis and your muscular tension.
The repetition of this massage (you ideally need to do it for 3 minutes daily) gives an effect that goes beyond simply looking good, improving the texture and firmness of the skin. Much more effective than any anti-wrinkle cream!

Once back home, self-massage facials can prolong the benefits of the workshop.

Since cellular regeneration is more active during the sleep phase, it is recommended to do it in the evening and as often as possible. We can also look at some facial gym moves.

At the end of the workshop, I will provide you with a booklet to remind you of all the steps of the massage.


  • Private workshop

    1 ½ hours
    50 €
  • Group workshop
    (min 2 max 4 people)

    2 hours

    25 € per person

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