Nail extensions, conditioning and strengthening with a French manicure or colourful polish…

Gentle and vegan semi-permanent manicure by Marinho Paris ®

Come and test this Parisian manicure exclusively in Chamonix!
France’s first gentle and vegan semi-permanent manicure, respecting your natural nails.

The Parisian brand Marinho Paris: 100% medicinal semi-permanent nail polish

Its unique composition is acid- and solvent-free, not tested on animals, uses the latest technological advances and complies with the ethics of the brand.

Every component, every pigment has been decrypted!
MARINHO Paris® is proud that since its creation in 2013, the composition of its semi-permanent nail polish has always been 100% VEGAN.

MARINHO Paris® is no-nonsense

Semi-permanent nail polishes with only 5 non-toxic, synthetic ingredients.
A very mild formula, without Dibutyl Phthalate, without toluene, without formaldehyde (and its resin), without Xylene, without Camphor, without Triphenyl Phosphate, without Rosin, without Sulphates and without Parabens.

MARINHO Paris is proud to claim that its nail polishes are not tested on our friends the animals!

MARINHO Paris respects your nails with an application process without Primer (full of acid), with luxuriously textured polishes (without solvent).
Choose our medicinal ODOURLESS and ACID- AND SOLVENT-FREE nail polish.


A large choice of colours for hands and feet...

  • Colour application

    35 €
  • French manicure application

    40 €
  • Removal and reapplication of coloured polish

    40 €
  • Removal and reapplication of French manicure

    45 €
  • Removal

    20 €

Gel application
on your hands and feet

Nail extensions, conditioning and strengthening with a French manicure or colourful polish on your hands and feet.
For a woman, having beautiful hands with lovely nails is as important as a good hairstyle ...

The solution for brittle, thin, soft nails etc... lasting 4 weeks...

Gels are very popular, with more and more customers looking for a quality artistic result without damaging their natural nails. This is now possible thanks to the brand O.P.I, world leader in their field, who offer a very un-chunky, natural-looking, shiny, resilient and innocuous solution.

Nail extensions with a French manicure

this is for you if you want beautiful, short or long nails which won’t break with a very natural and thin French manicure. Without the use of fake nails, which uses glue which can damage your nails.

French-manicured feet

Get beautiful toes you can enjoy showing off for up to two months!

Natural nail strengthening

You don’t want to lengthen your nails but need to strengthen them as they’re brittle, soft, split etc. You’ll have the choice between a natural-coloured or bright-white French manicure; the result will be un-chunky and very shiny.


Your French manicure will last for about 4 weeks. Then, if you want to continue to glorify and strengthen your nails, you’ll need a refill.


When you don’t want it any more, we’ll take it off. A hand treatment will be included. It’s better for your nails and strongly advised to not remove it yourself!

Prices (hands)

  • Nail extensions
    + permanent French manicure

    90 minutes
    60 €
  • Conditioning
    + strengthening of your natural nails
    + permanent French manicure

    75 minutes
    45 €
  • Refill + permanent French manicure

    75 minutes
    45 €
  • Broken nail repair

    10 minutes
    5 €
  • Manicure treatment
    (scrub, file, cuticles, oil+cream and massage)

    30 minutes
    25 €
  • Gel removal

    30 minutes
    25 €

Prices (feet)

  • French manicure

    60 minutes
    45 €
  • Refill + permanent French manicure

    60 minutes
    45 €

Semi-permanent nail polish application on your hands and feet

Semi-permanent nail polish is a half-polish, half-gel formula which dries on your nails under a LED lamp. It will last about two weeks on yours hands and about a month on your feet and the appearance is similar to regular nail polish. The application technique doesn’t require any sanding down of the nails. Semi-permanent nail polish is only applied on natural nails. The OPI brand is well-reputed! It’s the leader in the global market and their products won’t harm your nails.

How it works

The application is preceded by a classic manicure: nails will be filed and equalised, cuticles pushed back, nails cleaned and pampered before the polish is applied. Four layers of nail polish are applied - a base, two coats of polish and a top coat. The only thing that’s different to regular nail polish is that after each layer is applied, you’ll put your hand under a LED lamp for 30 seconds to dry (or catalyse in technical language) the semi-permanent nail polish. We’ll finish up with an oil application on your cuticles and moisturiser on your hands (or your feet). It’s all done in thirty minutes!

How to choose between semi-permanent nail polish and gels

For people wanting to strengthen their nails and looking for the result to last for as long as possible, gels are the best bet. Gels will also be the best solution for nails which have been bitten or are very short and need lengthening. Gel application won’t damage the natural nails thanks to the know-how of your nail technician and if she uses good-quality, acid-free products. Your natural nails aren’t harmed. It’s true that once gels are removed your nails will be slightly weakened but with the application of nail treatment, the nails will be strengthened and return to their natural state.


Shiny and flawless nails that last for a long time and won’t chip. The result is perfect and the layers of nail polish are un-chunky. There’ll be no need for retouching. How long the semi-permanent nail polish lasts for depends on the natural state of the nails, their length and their usage... On average, 2 to 3 weeks on your hands and one month on your feet.


  • Nail polish application on your natural nails (hands)

    25 minutes
    30 €
  • Nail polish application on your natural nails (feet)

    30 minutes
    35 €
  • Nail polish removal

    20 minutes
    20 €
  • Nail polish removal and re-application

    35 minutes
    35 €

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