Detoxifying and relaxing, the well-being massage is a remarkably efficient way to wind down and restore balance to your mind and body.

a moment for you…

Life can be a real whirlwind and it’s difficult sometimes to find your flow and take a moment for yourself…
But you must!
How many times have you found yourself saying

"I don’t have time"?

Just stop!
Stop running around, take a break, do something for you, just for you!
And you’ll see… you’ll be calmer, happier and more efficient. So, take a break, take a moment for you and let me take care of you!!
For the last 10 years it’s been a real pleasure to help, sooth, actively listen to and take care of each one of you…



Nail extensions, conditioning and strengthening with a French manicure or colourful polish…

Gels and semi-permanent nail polish.

boosting your well-being …

Massages in Chamonix

We’re all different and don’t need the same thing at the same time… I’ll create a bespoke massage, tailor-made for your needs.

Gels & semi-permanent OPI nail polish for hands and feet

Nail extensions, conditioning and strengthening with a French manicure or colourful polish…

Foot care

Taking care of your feet is important and will make your skin soft, nourished and moisturised again.

foot care


Our feet are often neglected, sometimes even entirely forgotten about...
But it’s a part of the body that deserves a lot of attention.


  • Chrystele Mucha Carpanedo

    I found Cathy's site during a sleepless night at the end of the year, I sent my request at 4.30am and got Cathy's answer at 7.30am and an appointment at 6pm the same day, for a perfect, personalized massage in her cocoon, a peaceful haven, perfect for recharging your batteries. Since the magical whole-body massage and meeting the lovely Cathy, I sleep like a baby and face day-to-day life more positively! What a joy to know that I now have this recharging bubble awaiting me in the Chamonix Valley every time I go there. I can’t wait to be back. I’d recommend enjoying all the benefits, what’s more the prices are very low price for the quality of the service!

  • Stephanie Halphen

    Cathy is lovely, attentive and responsive. She adapted to my needs and took care of me perfectly! The setting is nice, cosy and it’s easy to park! That’s not always the case in the Chamonix Valley! I need to go back as soon as I get the chance!

  • Frederique Dufour

    A very good therapeutic well-being massage and treatment. Cathy adapts her techniques according to your needs and after an hour and a half of massage I feel really rejuvenated. I recommend her relaxing and energizing treatments.

  • Anne

    Incredibly welcoming and an excellent massage. This time I chose the Balinese massage, but I want to try all the others, it was so relaxing... I gave a Swedish massage to my son as a birthday present for his 18th, he loved it!

  • Aurélie Blanquart

    Cathy is an expert and passionate about what she does! This beautiful alliance guarantees you completely unique moments of relaxation and serenity! She puts her skills to use for everyone/anyone’s benefit….
    Thank you, Cathy, and see you soon!

  • Élise Thiolière

    I got to try "Un moment pour soi", thanks to a gift card, that first massage has been followed by many more, Cathy has a true talent as a masseuse, and she is welcoming and smiley. After a day in the mountains, or a day of stressful and tiring work, she will recommend the most suitable massage out of the many she offers.
    To consume without moderation, for your greater well-being!

  • Roselyne LE BONNIEC

    On holiday in Chamonix, I made an appointment for a manicure. I was looking for a quiet and relaxed place and I was delighted! Welcoming, attentive and great service! Cathy is lovely and cares about your well-being. I can’t wait to try the massages. Highly recommended!

  • Véronique Gavard

    A real moment of relaxation, not just a massage but a real moment just for yourself, less stress, pure happiness. Must do it more often ... Thank you Cathy!

  • Sophie Poensin

    Yi Qi Chen is a very complete massage, super relaxing and at the same time energizing. Just what’s needed to put body and spirit back on track.
    A massage that leaves its mark. Quite simply a magical moment.

  • Éliane Lucet

    Always a charming and attentive welcome. I tested the kadibo facial lifting massage, which was very nice and then the face plumping, which gave a spectacularly rejuvenating feeling...
    Definitely a good thing to do before an important meeting, when feeling beautiful makes you stronger ...
    Thank you Cathy

  • Muriel Bozon

    A very nice relaxing time, I’ve already tried several massages that Cathy offers and frankly, they are all great ...

  • Anaële Merino

    Cathy has magical fingers; everything comes together at her home to make for a moment of complete relaxation. Go there without a doubt!

  • Thomas Mallevays

    A moment of relaxation balanced between strength and softness resulting in a very professional, great massage… bring on the next one!

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